Host a Student

Being a host family

A landscape of Welsh farmland. A white sandy Cornish beach. Dawn fishing trips on the Scottish Lochs. Sunset over stonehenge.

What does your Great Britain look like?

When you volunteer to host an international exchange student, your world comes alive for a young person from another country. By opening your door, you open a student’s eyes to the real Great Britain: real people, real experiences, and real life. At the same time, your generosity of spirit creates a positive view of Great Britain that crosses oceans—and lasts a lifetime.

What You Offer: You!

Little kids, big kids, no kids…our host families come in all shapes and sizes! Wonder if you have what it takes? To be a teacher of British heritage and culture, all you need is to simply be yourself.

Time and again, our students tell us that what they remember most are the little things. Family dinners, weekend outings, even nights around the television become special as you watch a teenager absorb British culture moment-by-moment. Just by opening your home, you have the power to make everyday extraordinary for you, your family, and a student from abroad.

Join the EF High School Year Family

Once you’ve decided to host, EF High School Year helps you prepare for this exciting new challenge—and we’ll always be there for you throughout the year. The process begins right in your backyard. A local coordinator from your community will help you select a student who best fits your interests. Then he or she will provide extensive practical training to get you ready to host.

While you eagerly await the arrival of your new family member, EF High School Year arranges for enrollment in your local school or college and prepares your new son or daughter for transition into British life. Throughout the year, EF High School Year provides support on the local and national level for you and your student. If a problem should arise, you’ll have a fully trained local expert just around the corner, along with 24/7 support from our office in Hastings.

You have the power to change the world, one student at a time. We’ll help you do it!  

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